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01-18-2005, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Vicious Vic
I can honestly say that as a big forward who likes to mix it up in the slot, I have never intentionally run a goalie. If I make contact, it's because we were both going for the puck, and in all honesty, I'll sometimes even back off out of respect for the goalie's position (I used to be a goalie and I have a lot of respect for them, so I'm not going to go out of my way to make a Patrick Eaves type play that could injure somebody, especially given that most goalies in beer leagues aren't near the size of Malefic). I'll even take the slashes to the backs of my legs with a smile usually unless they REALLY get me hard or in a spot that's already bruised.
That said, what baffles me is the goalies who pitch a hissy fit when I'm still whacking away at the puck BEFORE the whistle. The second I hear it, I back away RIGHT THEN. However, if there's no whistle, it's my right to keep whacking away until the goalie gets enough control to get a whistle or the puck goes in. If he has a problem, too bad. It's totally legal.
In general, as mentioned earlier, I tend to be pretty respectful of the goalie (except this one guy who played on my H.S. team. I get a kick out of pushing his buttons since we're friends and I can get away with it. Actually made him mad enough to come out after me once).
As mentioned earlier, I have a lot respect for goalies and I know they have enough crap to deal with without dirtbags trying to injure them, so while I'm going to what I can to make their jobs harder, I started the thread mainly out frustration, as being one of the biggest and strongest guys in the league I play, a lot of liberties get taken in an effort to try and stop me, particularly by defensemen in front of the net, and I was looking for a way to fight back or at least send the message that that kind of crap won't be tolerated any longer.
That said, I've faced off against bigger goalies than you Malefic and come out on the winning end. I'll bet I could at least do some damage in front of your crease.
In college, I was an agitator. I ALWAYS made contact with the goalie just to draw retaliatory penalties. If the defenseman gave me a slight push, I flew into their goalie. If they tripped me, I slid feet first into the goalie. Looking back at it, it was pretty low class; however, I'd do anything to achieve victory!!!

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