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02-08-2010, 06:33 PM
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You guys are missing the bigger point- David Poile is an evil sociopathic genius.

He isn't a "sheep in sheep's clothing" as suggested by another GM. He is Hannibal freakin Lector in sheep's clothing. He and Trotz have conspired to take the Hammer out of Hamhuis. He's now just a Hammy and they are playing him like a violin.

They paired him with Klein AGAINST ALL REASON merely to destroy his confidence, sap his morale and coerce him into signing a contract that is on par with KK's. It's hockey's version of waterboarding with the cell unlocked....sure he could walk at any time.... BUT HE WON'T. He will beg for a pathetic contract befitting a squalid partner of Kevin Klein. As soon as Hammy is signed to a nice long cheap contract, he gets paired with Franson and becomes the Hammer again.

Look, it already worked on Klein. Poile has him (and us) convinced that he isn't worth #$%* but as soon as the pairing is broken up and he is back with the Cube, he will realize how badly he has been taken in by the evil master. Hey, he was drafted by the best drafter of D talent in the history of the league... and that man took him before Shea "the man" Weber for a reason.

KK will slowly realize that Poile, when he talks about eating KK's for breakfast, wasn't talking about the box of Krispy Kremes on his office desk. POILE WAS TALKING ABOUT HIM. Too late, though, the brain is in the frying pan so to speak.

By then Poile will be wandering down the hall to have Trotz put Hornqvist on a line with Belak for the rest of the year and to add Jody Foster to his IPhone speed dial.

Any other rationale for keeping those two paired together is crazy talk.

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