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02-08-2010, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by camarodude39 View Post
The Blues have too many defensemen as it is. The value doesn't seem too far off, but we are already going to have trouble finding spots for Pie, Cole, Junland, etc going forward
First of all Petro is the only elite defensive prospect we have. Don't put Junland and Cole in his category. Petro is the only D prospect we need to "find a spot for."

Not all of these kids are going to don the Bluenote. Junland has put up numbers in the A but his looked shaky during his limited time in the show and his skating is awkward. There's not much in his skill set that says he will be a top defenseman and big contributor in the future.

Cole is a guy I haven't been impressed with since I saw him at his first prospect camp after we drafted him. His apparent desire to not spend much time in the minors and his concussion problem is only exacerbating my belief that he will not be with the team long term.

The Blues transition game and mobility on the blue line is still the Blues biggest problem by far. Liles, Petro and EJ quickly turn a weakness into a strength and a player like Liles, who is in his prime, is something this team badly needs. He's a legit offensive defenseman, great skater, great puck mover. Not a wannabe like Carlo.

We all know how one-dimensional Boyes is and he's been nothing short of awful from Day 1. The worst player on the team this year in my opinion. But GM's salivate over goals, and Boyes does have a track record of production, so he still has value around the league.

I understand fans of other teams who don't watch many Blues games probably think Boyes' value > Liles right now, but Boyes has been horrible this year.

It's 2 underachieving players who happen to make the same money and whose assets help the teams they are being traded to in this hypothetical deal more than their current teams.

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