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Originally Posted by GeorgeHamiltonsTan View Post
so is the reasoning for giving Torts a pass because he is a good coach or is it the fear of anarchy in the locker room?

i dont understand how all of a sudden ( a week before the olympic break) he makes this statement and all is right with the world, torts is again our guy...i dont get it.

Preaches patience meanwhile he benches good young players (lisin) so he can waste minutes on the likes of brashear. Mr patience who cant keep the same lines together for more than a period. please, just please.
Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
what a boat load of crap. torts talking patience ? gimme a break.

as ght said, he benches the young guys, makes an example out of lisin over and over and manages the lines like a kid with add.

this is self preservation plain and simple. hes reading the corporate script, towing the company line. we pretty much suck but we need to be patient.... well duh torts. dreary, blowzy and dreaden are gonna require alot of patience. they are here for a while still.

that statement is all about next year and keeping his job this year. hes been pretty awful so far, like the bulk of his roster.

i cant help but think back to the presser after the islanders debacle where uncle larry caught torts off guard by asking what he could do to make things better, what he could do differently and torts had no answer. none. like he had no idea that it could be him.

i happen to agree that this team is weak, soft and poorly constructed. too many highly paid players who are flat out awful.

patience, oh yes, well need alot of that..... i doubt torts is the guy to lead by example however.
You can look as far back as the playoff series vs the caps. He scratches Avery after taking 2 bad penalties, then he throws a water bottle at a fan and gets suspended himself. Completely hypocritical. He preaches accountability yet he never admits he's done any wrong and literally dodges and refuses to answer any question about his mis-management. Now he's preaching patience? The above posters said it best. The guy is a hot-head and it was a welcome change after last year's team had tuned out Renney but at this point, I have to think Renney would've gotten better results and a more consistent effort out of this year's team and if he hadn't, he wouldn't be hiding and spewing this crap about the team having holes and needing to be patient when they should be trying to make the playoffs. As flawed as this team is, you never know what can happen if Dubi or Cally or Jokinen or anyone else gets hot at the right time, with Gaborik and Lundqvist being who they are. It's not always the best team that wins. It's often the team that gets hot at the right time. This is more true in a sport like baseball but it applies here as well, and it's certainly not refreshing to hear your coach sound like he doesn't have any confidence in his team at this time of the year.

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