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Originally Posted by wondeROY View Post
So one of the things I always hear about skating, hockey skating in particular is to always keep your knees bent. However at my local ice rink there is an instructor who is a world class figure skater, he is a russian who was an olympic hopeful. Needless to say he is an amazing skater and by far the best i've seen at my local rink. He also plays a bit of hockey too and has a pretty good shot, anyways...

He gives private lessons to hockey players every day, one of the drills he does involves them doing a U-turn around cones at a pretty high rate of speed. When he demonstrates this i notice his knees are almost locked and his legs are straight, but he cuts the corner harder or faster then anyone i've ever seen. Its pretty remarkable actually.

My question is, why is the way he does it with no knee bend but so incredibly fast and hard. Yet anytime i work with any sort of hockey coach they always stress knees bent. Is there any reason why figure skaters would be different then hockey skating techniques? Is there a time when its correct not to bend your knees?
I skated for about 15 years, and always it was about the knee bend and rise... not sure what exercise he's doing exactly... but if it's say, going around just on one leg and you're needing to get power - then you'd straighten out on an edge before dipping and changing weight... and I guess technically you would cut a U-turn hard if you went from a bent to a straight leg.

But the point of the exercise likely is more for a strength/balance/muscle training thing than something to actually use in practice.

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