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09-25-2003, 07:39 AM
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Originally Posted by BigDaddyMeatWhistle
The NHLPA forming it's own league isn't a lose/lose situation. The players might actually be better off if they moved to the WHA. They'd demonstrate that the players are bigger then the league itself. They'd also free themselves of all the historical baggage that continues to cloud the relationship between the PA and the league.

If the alternative is missing two seasons or missing one season and playing the other in the WHA, the players are better off playing in the second season. By the third year, the gap would better pretty close between what they'd get with the NHL and the WHA.
Why would they do that, the WHA has a salary cap at $10M + 1 player unlimited... This would mean $300M for all the NHL players + $xM for 30 other players (let's assume $10M each). This would give them a total of $600M. At that rate, they're better off signing with the NHL at a salary cap that's anything above $600M...

Imo, the fact that other leagues don't pay anything close to the NHL (for the mass of players, the NHLPA doesn't represent only the well-paid players) is leverage for the owners, who can point out that their "lowest" offer is still better than anything anyone else would offer.

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