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Originally Posted by hockeyviper87 View Post
The funny thing is that many think this year should be a rebuilding year and yet when Torts says it people jump all over him. At least we can all see why he said "people may not like it" because many here have 0 patience with anything. Yes, lets change the coach after 1 season. Lets trade for some random rental when this team is no where near contending. Lets just play young players without accountability. Patience, Torts knows more about hockey and what is going on with this team than any(except for a couple) posters here.

Relax, realize that if they follow what they say that it is a step forward.
Wrong. This is not, nor should it be a "rebuilding" year. This should be a "transition" year. As close to a true rebuild as you'll probably ever see this franchise go through started years ago. We shouldn't be giving up quality youth for nothing. However, some of you "youth movement" guys blindly refuse to give up youth at all costs just because they're youth. That's not how you build a winner either. Each move should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Wild generalizations like saying anyone outside of Lundqvist and Gaborik (and to a lesser extent Staal and DZ) are "UNTOUCHABLE" is a joke. That doesn't mean you throw away players like Dubinsky, Girardi, Gilroy, Callahan, Anisimov, etc. They're all good players. But if the right deal presents itself, they're not untouchable.

Furthermore, I don't think any of us were saying that Torts should be "fired" at this point. We're simply not impressed with his body of work so far. He doesn't hold himself to the same standards he claims to hold his players to, and he seems to have favorites and double-standards at times when it comes to who plays, and who gets ice-time. I just think it's ridiculous how many positive responses there were because Torts verbalized what all of us here knew starting the season, and even earlier: that we have a superstar goalie, a superstar forward, and a good, developing young core.

No, I still do not believe Torts has the pulse of this team. I'm not saying anyone here could do a better job COACHING or MANAGING this team. But, in my humble opinion, a lot of posters here apparently do have a better understanding of what is wrong with this team's attitude / identity or lack thereof. There's no consistency in their efforts nor their gameplan. That falls on coaching. Period.

And who said we should be trading for some "random rental" as you put it? Most of your post has little relevance in this discussion.

My (and I believe some others as well) major issue is that his comments seemed to send the message that he doesn't have confidence in his team to even make the playoffs, let alone do anything in them. While realistically, this team isn't built to be a contender, a coach should not be talking like this when we're 2 points out of a playoff spot and in the hunt with 7 other teams. His focus should be on making the playoffs unless of course Sather has told him the plan is to tank (which has clearly not happened, at least not yet). He should be saying "My focus right now is getting this team into the playoffs. We can talk about the future in the offseason." Talking about being patient and building a core at THIS POINT IN THE SEASON is Islander-ish and I'm sure that's why it rubbed some of us the wrong way. Nobody said he should be fired. Just that his comments are hypocritical (as he holds players to standards that he doesn't uphold himself) and he hasn't done what he said he would when he was hired, which was to get this team to give a consistent 110% effort every night and play an in-your-face brand of hockey. It hasn't happened, and as much as you can point fingers at Sather for handing out big contracts, those contracts were there before this season, and Torts simply hasn't gotten enough out of the players on this team.

Finally, having the attitude that it's okay to keep playing this mediocre .500 hockey and just barely miss the playoffs is not a step forward. We can make the playoffs, take our chances, and still not be giving up on the future. At the very least, our young players get more playoff experience and you never know what happens if the right players get hot at the right time. Torts' focus RIGHT NOW should be on this playoff hunt, not telling us about being patient. In the offseason, we can talk about all that. Not now.

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