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02-09-2010, 12:09 AM
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Well, should giveaways been taken that seriously too then? If a defensemen is skating up ice and he has no one to pass to because his forwards and d partner have not given him a good option, is that a fair assessment of his ability? I cannot tell you how many times I watch the Preds play and the left defenseman goes with the puck up the boards and a guy forechecking bears down on him and he has no angle or anyone to pass to. Not saying it's his teammates fault but if guys aren't moving or getting open or just going to a spot, it's kind of hard not to turn the puck over.

Lots of things happen on the ice that makes the plus minus stat unfair but over the course of a season, I think it evens out and gives a good measure of a persons ability on the ice. It's not a be all stat by any means but it's not as useless as some make it out to be. People will always say, what about the guy just stepping on the ice and he gets a minus. Well, what about that same guy stepping on the ice and getting a plus? Someone said the defense made a bad play and the forward gets a minus. Well, what about when the forward makes a bad play, the defense gets a minus as well. There are so many scenarios out there that make it seem unfair but for every bad case, I think there are just as many good cases that help guys stats too.

I think you may get a few here and there that are bad but for some reason, great players seem to have pretty good numbers over the years. I don't think it's coincidence that this happens.

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