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09-25-2003, 07:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Evilo
We don't EXPECT him to not get shelled.
So far he doesn't.
He has amazing numbers.
It's only preseason, yes, buyt when you face Boston's first line and you don't get shelled, why would he get shelled in his first NHL games either?Until he gets beaten badly, why would we make the assumption he's going to get burnt?
Yes it is only pre-season and the few saves he made against Big Joe's line doesn't matter all that much. Most teams are still not fully used to the NHL game speed, not giving full effort, keeping their energy for the real thing, etc.

Why would he get shelled in his first NHL games ? Because the games will be significantly different come october. You just can't have those expectations that he won't get shelled just because he faced Big Joe's line in a pre-season game and did well can you ?

Originally Posted by Evilo
He has to prove he's not up to the task before we make that conclusion for him. And he'll know that he was send back for hockey purposes and work on his game, not for "age" purposes.
You see I view it the other way around. He has to prove he's up to the task first. Especially since he's a goalie. And 2 pre-season games just doesn't do it for me (even one against Thornton-Murray). That's not enough. 5 wouldn't be enough neither. There's no way in my mind Fleury can earn a spot this pre-season. Let him go back to the Q, dominate, come back , get another solid training camp and pre-season after another long summer of hard work. Now that's earning your spot. Not playing 4-5 AHL caliber games and doing well in each of thos and being spoon fed the goaltender starting spot just under the nose of Caron.

Money purposes ? Now you're making it sound like the Pens would be screwing him of a roster spot that he has rightfully earned. Please. That's not what I call earning.

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