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02-09-2010, 11:08 AM
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vCash: 500
Sex: Female
Where You're From: Raleigh area
Where You Live Now: Boone NC
Nationality: American
Hair Color: blonde/brown
Eye Color: Brown
Mode of Transportation: feet/car
Job: Astronomy instructor/student
What brought you to HF Boards: CaniacFromAppstate - I read the boards but don't really post at all.
How you became a hockey fan: back in elementary school Stormy and some of his crew came to my school and told us about the Canes. They handed out some tickets and my mom and I went to a game in Greensboro. I've been hooked since then.
How you became a Canes fan: Stormy
Favorite thing about being a Canes fan: Having a bunch of other great fans to cheer with
Favorite Cane's Player(s): Gleason
Favorite NON Cane's Player(s): Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy
Other Sports You Like: baseball, football
Other Sports Teams You Cheer For: App State
College Attended/Attending: Appalachian State
Video Game Systems Owned: xbox - my parents own everything N64 and older (no joke, everything)
Favorite Game(s): GTA
Music You Listen To: Anything but country, rap or opera or sappy crap.
Favorite Movie(s): October Sky
Favorite Book(s): LOTR
Favorite Food(s): chicken alfredo/ pork chops that CaniacFromAppstate makes
Favorite TV Show(s): LOST
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe:
White Stormy jersey (one of the first ones made for fans)
White Kapanen
plain white
black jersey
black Gleason
practice jersey
Patrick Roy authentic
I'm dying for a blue USA Gleason jersey
Anything Else: I've played hockey for about 9 or 10 years and I love to play a gritty defensemen (and yes, I am a girl). Ask CaniacFromAppstate how his lip was after I played with him the first time I'm a geek - astrophysicist - and proud of it.

And CaniacFromAppState is my boyfriend... in case you couldn't interpret that.

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