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02-09-2010, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by DubiSnacks17 View Post
Actually as far as I know, Refs get about $45 or $50 to ref a men's league game. That's $45 for an hour of work. That's not bad at all. If that was a full-time job, they'd be getting close to 100K per year reffing.

I hear they get paid about $75 per high school game. Then even more if they have to zamboni the ice between periods and if it goes to OT in playoffs or whatever. So, no the refs don't get paid all that bad.

Where I play the refs are just brutal. Rarely call a fair game. Many times you'll find games where you can get murdered on the ice and they'll call nothing, but then the littlest things get called going the other way. I've seen in high school games where a kid was gotten taken down from behind on a breakaway and no call was made.

Some refs just suck and don't care.
I would have stuck it out with reffing more when I was younger if that was the wage I pulled in. I usually got about $20 a game, and that's what the refs in my area get too. Still not bad when you consider it's an hour's worth of work, but when you have a bunch of clowns yelling at you on the ice, it can seem pretty un-worth it.

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