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02-09-2010, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
They've made a lot of advances in blades since then, in ways that really help a lot with feel, and in the methods of joining the shaft and the blade, which can have an effect on it.

There are a lot of guys who swear that the One95 has better feel then wood sticks. Others love the feel of Easton's blades (which are great- if only they didn't break so quickly... and before you leap on that, they still last longer then a woodie).

It's not just "wood" and "composite", as the huge advantage of composites is that the specs, including the feel, can be tailored to specific needs. It's "wood" and assortment of crappy low end composites, mid range stuff, or the high variation among top end sticks. Off the top of my head, I can think of 9 top end composite sticks in current production- 1 for CCM, 2 for RBK, 2 for Bauer, 2 for Easton, 2 for Warrior. And I suppose you could throw in Easton's ST to make 10. All of which have different blade designs and resultantly, different feel.

I'm going to guess you tried a cheap composite, or one not known for puck feel.
The marketing machine is working well on you I see.

The core materials have remained the same. You can go on and on, but most of the advances since then are cosmetic at best.

I've spoken to several shop owners I've trusted for over a dozen years and they all have said the same thing - not much has changed but the price. You are just paying for the "hype machine".

I also have both high end and low end comps and the difference isn't as big as the manufacturers would have you believe.
I could spray paint a few low end comp and a few high end comp, and I am 100% sure you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the high end and low end ones. It is more of a durability issue, and even then the micro fractures accrue at about the same rate.

But no matter what kind of comp stick you have, it isn't the same material as wood. It is simply a different material with a different feel.

I love my comps and I'll never go back to wood. But there is a reason why tons of NHLers and other hockey players have said there is a big difference between wood and comps.

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