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02-09-2010, 02:29 PM
John Cena*
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No. what i said wasn't a diss toward the kid who got hammered. I was trying to make a point that the kid elbowed someone it happens all the time and yet people are crying here like he murdered someone come on now seriouslly. Go cry somewhere else he is going to be a star here whether you like it or not. So what i'm not suppose to like Cormier because he plays dirty? Sorry but he will be one of my favorites when he makes the team because we need players like him and i love the dirtiness. LOVE it. Now i'm n ot saying its right to go and cheap shot people because it isn't but i do like having an Avery/Carcillo/Lapierre player on my team.

Cannot wait untill someone cheap shots one of our guys in the future and then Cormier storms in and busts someones jaw. Finally , finally, finally, we have a real true fearless players on this team.

Players like Avery/Carcillo etc... are catagorized as players you only like if there on your team. I have no problem with Avery, Carcillo and all them because they do there job and i always wanted one of them on my team. I do hate dirty players because i've seen my guys get cheap shot plenty of time. So i'm sick of being the team who gets pissed on in the league. Now it will all change soon.

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