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Originally Posted by Artyukhin View Post
You seen the guy who sing "Pants on the ground"l?(general larry platts)

wel maybe ill be the next one(call me General Larry Artyukhin)

Titlef my new song B]Neck on the chin[/B]

Neck on the chin , Neck on the chin, skating around the ice with a neck on your chin.Visor fogged up, helmet turned sideways, neck hit your chin ,loookin like a cool cat talkin like a fool, skating around the ice with your neck on your chin, HEY get you neck off your chin, skating around the ice with the neck on your chin.
so General larry songs tries to preach for kids to pull up there baggy pants.

my Plekanec's "neck on your chin" would be preaching to pull your turttle necks down

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