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Originally Posted by r0bert8841 View Post
Don't get me wrong I agree with everything you are say, but it seems like the Wings are pretty high on him and the Wings usually try hard not to lose players on waivers. I don't think he should be on the team but he will most likely be on a NHL team by next season. He didn't look out of place in his call up, he actually looked alot better than he does in GR. I did not expect Ritola to looked as good as he did, but I could say the same about Howard too. Who knows.
Unless a player is 1v1 skilled well above the level of play, they need good linemates. Ritola on a checking line will need, as said, physical help. He can protect the puck and move it, but I doubt he is a successful player as a defensive forward. That is not the book on this guy. That said, if he can get Filp to feed him or Helm to push the d back and give him space to attack the net, he may just flourish. I am on the fence, but hopeful, when it comes to the cough drop.

Originally Posted by FabricDetails View Post
Ritola can definitely play on a defensive line. I just hope that he has guys with him who aren't shy about dishing out physical contact.
I am not so sure Ritola can body up and play defense at the NHL"shutdown" level. Maltby and Raper are not considered overly physical players and Ijust don't see Ritola able to match their production. That said, and you note it well, with a physical group, like Helm, he could thrive. He will be the player in focus, and on the bubble, in this falls camp.

Originally Posted by r0bert8841 View Post
I was thinking about him playing next season with Hudler. I really hope Huds is stronger and faster because that could be huge! Or big Bert, or Abby!


I can see Abby just break out on a line with 2 players makers like that. Hopefully he can regain his scoring touch in GR.
WHOA!!!! I have notread that hudler is coming back to Detroit. I hope so, but that may be jumping the gun. Another 5 mill tax free will behard to pass up to honor the deal in Detroit.

Originally Posted by DetBigWangs View Post
No doubt Mursak is doing well now, but should he really be top-5? He just screams of "what have you done for me lately?"
No doubt Mursak was not only not in the top 10 last year, but he was a healthy scratch in 25%of the games and in the post season. (He didn't even make the clear day roster). He is doign well and the positive, bright light is on the guy, but he needs to carry this Grif team into the post season and/or finish at the same high level he has been playing at to date.

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