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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Skating, exactly. I'd say that out of 13 guys on my team, I skate better than 3 of them. So I'm not the worst. Thing is, those three guys still do things with the puck that at this point I can only do in brief flashes. I'm sure it would all seem easier to me if I was moving faster, and that is probably the biggest thing, but I still feel there is more. Foot speed ain't stopping me from tipping shots and getting to rebounds.

I can't see myself going to a power skating instructor as a 28-year old adult safe player. Is it a matter of building leg strength? I can do that at the gym or at home. Is a lot of it technique?
its 99% technique. once you get the technique down, and not just get comfortable doing the wrong thing, then adding strength will help.

im 6'3 185 and the JV team i coach, there are 5 foot nothin 85 lb kids that, (before i started going to the powerskating lessons) blew right past me and could skate circles around me. they can because have the technique down and get every ounce of energy out of there stride.

pay attention to the good players in your league, or pro games and notice how these players skate. look at their legs, their feet, their upper body their butt, their head....i cant really tell you what my instructor tells me because its more of a thing where you should be on the ice, but the one thing that should help you is to keep your butt low and down move your upper body too much because it can throw you off balance, especially when you are not already a great skater

the thing that separates hockey from any other sport is that it is on ice. i have a few kids on my team that excel in the other sports they play but they arent great hockey players because they cant skate, then there are the 5 foot nothing 85 lbs kids that probably would get destroyed playing football or basketball but because they can skate, they are so much better than the 6'2 210 lbs kids on my team

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