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02-09-2010, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by donGjohnson View Post
Like someone above said- work on skating. Get the Laura Stamm book or Robbie Glantz videos and work on your agility, a lot. Then work on explosive starts to get your accel up. Next, keep playing and try to play with better players when possible. Finally, get into off ice workouts to fix your weak muscle groups and gain endurance.

Also, begin to work off ice on your puck skills, specifically stick handling, right away.
I know my stickhandling needs work. I think the best thing would be to stickhandle with someone who's there to coach me and make it as difficult as possible on me, so my competitive nature forces me to find a way past them. (because I only get this chance about once per period in Adult Safe) The problem with that is, who's going to spend an afternoon with me on the court helping me? So, assuming I can't get a "training buddy", what do you recommend I do by myself to improve my technique?

Originally Posted by Ragss View Post
You said you're getting some time as a forward, well I'd say do that more. I'm in a similar boat as you, and when I'm playing up front I feel a lot more comfortable taking risks and trying new things because at worst it'll end up as a turnover, rather than a scoring chance if I were a D man 'trying something'.

Also see if you can find some shinny. If you go to shinny and try to dangle your way down the ice through 8 guys and turn it over, nobody is going to bat an eye because you're just another jackass at shinny.
LOL. Totally know how you feel when it comes to being a forward as opposed to a defenseman.

Funny thing is, I've scored on an end-to-end solo rush before. I can barely remember it because I wasn't thinking. I just did it. I got into a zone somehow, and saw my way past people, guys who were most likely faster and more skilled than me. Figuring out how to do this on a regular basis, or at least skate through guys on a regular basis (it doesn't always have to always be a solo rush for a goal!) would be real nice. I've got real long reach. Stickhandling should be a strength of mine, not a weakness.

There's not much shinny going on lately, my friends seem to have grown out of it, and I've found that once I got into Adult Safe, my urges to round up people for shinny or for a skate on the outdoor rink have dried up.

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