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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
OK, so almost definitely my technique is bad. I'm 28 and to my knowledge, I've skated the same way my whole life. Basically the way I skate is one big bad habit.

Suppose I learn to skate better. Is this going to be something like typing with all 8 fingers, or sitting in my office chair with proper posture, where no matter how much I know how to do it right, my body wants to do it the "easy" way that it is used to? Or, once I skate better is my body going to enjoy the efficiency of motion and strive for it?
its going to be both.....let me explain

my instructor tied these elastic cords to my skates and the back of my pants in an attempt to make me sit lower. it was very uncomfortable, and a little over the top but once he took them off and i sat lower i noticed my stride was much more efficient and i was exuding as much energy and going faster

once you get comfortable with these new techniques you wont have to think about how you should be skating and your lack of conditioning wont be as much of a detriment(like mine is)

start with simple things like your forward stride. if you cant go to an instructor i would recommend watching some videos and practicing those techniques, even if you have to force yourself to which may be uncomfortable atleast at first

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