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02-09-2010, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
This is all recited fluff.

Wake me up when they start talking numbers.

Same here.

Jigger77, we may disagree regarding what I am about to write but you are right: negotiations/words/empty talks/heart/true/false/business/passion/(...) ... let's hear some numbers before we truly or correctly understand/interpret Plekanec's love for Montreal. I am not a cynical person btw: some NHL athletes signed for less (home town discount) in the past (Raymond Bourque, Martin Brodeur... are the first names that come to mind) but a lot more NHL athletes just went for the big bucks... despite all their pre-UFA love affair.

At this point, I need to underline that I am a long time fan of Plekanec.


First thing first: imo Plekanec, a home growth talent, holds the keys to this organisation's (near) future.

All the players appreciate their "second home" and all the (NHL) organisations put great value in their "not underperforming" employees... words... just words. Remember Souray and Komisarek? Or Gainey weeks before he fired his "best move"?

Plekanec's words: "... If we can agree on everything, I'll be more than happy to stay here..."



Imo if the Habs sign Plekanec long terms (a 4-5M$ cap hit during 3-5+ years), we will stay on the Smurf path until, at least, July 2014:

Combined "Cap hit and size" aside, Plekanec, Gomez, Gionta and Cammalleri (especially big mouth Cammalleri!) are four players that I like (I still "believed" in Plekanec in 2008-09 solely base on the facts that he kept working hard and always seems to care... same thing can be said regarding Pacioretty btw)... but not all of them at the same time!

I already admitted a strong bias in favour of size/grits (80+% - imo - of the successful NHL playoffs teams had a well balanced line-up or, if you prefer, they had "diversity/complementary inputs" – not all of them were Smurfs - as one of their cornerstones... if not, just like DET, they relied on 3 of the 10 best players of a specific year) but I sure don't consider size/grits as a panacea. Imo the Europeans and Russians (their playing style) saved the NHL, I prefer international hockey rinks, puck possession rules as in "I hate dump and chase hockey", and, imo, creativity is underrated...

However, to completely overlook the importance of size/grits in critical 5/5 situations, is, imo, short-sighted.

Yes Martin's system is not totally in sync with the team built by Gainey (think of uncreative D squad), yes 7/8 of our Ds are left-handed and it sure gives, continuously and without restraint, half a second to our opponents' forecheckers, yes injuries played a role... but no matter how you spin it, size helps winning 1 V 1 battles.

Plekanec's money would be better invested (Gomez, a good and creative player, is unmoveable - the only GM willing to absorb his contract was in MTL) in a top2 line player with size/grits imo.

Yep... you read it here: size does matter.

Plekanec, multi years deal with a 4-5M$ cap hit? Not with Gomez onboard... unless you feel comfortable on the Smurf path… until, at least, July 2014.


My big mouth aside... am I the only one who like Plekanec's strong two ways contribution, text book work ethic and professional attitude, but, at the same time, with Gomez, Gionta and Cammalleri already onboard, wish he won't be back with us in 2010-11?

Should size and grit be completely overlooked?


Just for the record and please keep in mind that I consider Gomez as a good and creative player: give me the choice between 30 years old Gomez at 7,4$M$ or 27 years old Plekanec at 4-5M$... and I sure would take Tomas.

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