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02-09-2010, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilerdiehard View Post
Well certain players tend to be more movable when teams are just in or outside the playoffs. They have the pressure bug to surge into the playoffs or add some insurance to do well if/when they get in. In the Summer they are more worried about crunching cap numbers and free agents. Some of those contracts are likely IMO just easier to move now than in the Summer. Their value might be less at that point as well.

I mean hmm... do I want to trade and give up an asset for an overpaid Moreau or Staios? Rather than possibly get a comparable player on a cheaper contract and give up no assets now that UFA season is here? I know my answer if I was in that position. Those guys would probably be a last resort plan.

Besides to be honest I recall you said something very similar to this just before the draft. What is the rush to make moves at the draft when they can be done in the Summer. I think you remember not much happened. So you could probably excuse some people from getting a antsy about things.

As usual you greatly exaggerate the situation. No one ever even ask for a top 2 pick just to move some contract like Moreau or Staios etc...

I understand the criticism of Tambellini and agree with it. Note i mentioned that at the beginning of my post. The criticism is warranted and I understand people being ansty. I am not saying he doesn't deserve criticism. This was not a support or excuse Tambellini post.

That being said, most if not all the contracts we want to dump are players that don't have a lot of value.

IMO if we can make a trade before the deadline, it will be right on the deadline.

The problem IMO is that other teams are going to want us to give up draft picks to sweeten the pot and for a rebuilding team, draft picks take on more value.

Perhaps by waiting we may be able to pick up some draft picks to move bad contracts. This is going to take some juggling and the trading of trade picks is often easier during the draft (as an example)

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