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Originally Posted by Fish on The Sand View Post
I love Pleks, but I do not agree with moving forward with him and Gomez. Having both means we won't be winning a cup. Don't even try and pretend otherwise. If we are going to keep Pleks long term, then Gomez has to go. Since that is unlikely, trading Pleks is the best thing for the future of the franchise.
You know, people keep saying that goal scorers need play makers but you know what, all year long, Cammy kept scoring when people said he wouldn't, Andrei K scored when he was in doubt, then we got rid of the french messiah in Lattendresse and guess what, we got another pure goal scorer

and guess freakin what, all these goal scorers kept scoring, even though they didn't have any one to dish them the puck.

scoring wins games.


you know what, I was defending pleks in the summer cuz I knew his talent but he can't win a game on his own, but cammy can, andrei k can, pouliot can.

Those are the guys we need to spend our money on. We are stuck with gomez, he brought us cammy, gionta and we've since added pouliot to andrei.

For the first freakin time, we have like 4+ 25 goal scorers. And we have 2 good goalies.

That is how you win, scoring and saves.


Now all we need is a winning coach, where is paddy?

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