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02-10-2010, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by gialloneri View Post
I have a growing suspicion that Gonchar may be available for trade this season now as well. Given our cap situation, our team needs, the fact that there are very few true "sellers" but a lot of bubble teams that may look for a re-tool (sort of like us and Anaheim in the Kunitz-Whitney deal last year), and that Gonch is not really providing us as much value for the contract as what we may be able to get in a trade, I don't think Shero hangs up the phone if someone comes calling for a Gonchar trade.
Gonchar has a No Trade Clause I dont think this will happen unless he agrees to go to another contender. Still we'd then need a really good two-way defender or two defenders.
I could definatly see us not getting him back in which case I hope at the deadline we get a Dman who is likely to stay, one who fills a role we need.

id love to get kariya but for a rental is be like getting hossa again... but we need atleast a scoring winger and a good defensmen simple as that if we have to trade gogo or dupuis or someone in wbs we should... mckee and gogo as your shut down guys just doesnt work ... eaton and mckee together maybe?... and then u got gogo and letang being together >_< oi vey but gonchar gogo orpik letang worked before... why not try it... also with us i guess wanting to keep letestu up here we gotta get rid of the dead weight... like adams feds dupuis and maybe rupp...guerin still got it ya he lazy at times but why not keep the old man... and 2 why are there lets trade kunitz talks... ?... we got him for a reason and hes fine... just came back from injury.... we'll see how today is... soo just my take keep the crosby line but find someone to play with malkin and staal and we should be ok
Whoa, okay.
Kariya cant happen this year, way too much money. Maybe in the offseason, I could see it happening.
Kariya certainly wouldnt cost what Hossa did, especially with that salary. I could see him going to a team like the Yotes or Avalanche or Islanders, whoever can afford him for now.

McKee and GoGo were never meant to be our "shutdown guys" just because thier the last pairing. Were built to have one offensive dman on each line. Eaton and McKee have recently been together, I dont think it works.
If we trade GoGo itll be for something good.

Dupuis is not deadweight, he could get sent away in a trade but not because hes holding us back.
Adams is okay, hes so cheap we cant expect much more, if we can upgrade him for cheap or replace him with Letestu it wouldnt be terrible though.
Fedex and Guerin could go to clear space if need be but I doubt all those people go at once.
Dont consider Rupp deadweight either, even if he hasnt scored much lately hes already surpassed his season high so were lucky with what we got already.

IDK why theres "trade Kunitz" talks, same reason theres "trade Staal" talks I guess.

If your suggesting Letang Orpik I like that pairing and could see it being next years top. But Gonchar GoGo would be bad IMO.

i think if we trade talbot there will be riots in the streets... damn teenage girls... cause we coudl get something good back for him...
If it helps us Shero will still do it, he traded Armstong and let Malone go.
Itd help if we DO trade him to get something kinda flashy back, to get people excited, but Im not sure he'd even care about that. In a midst of the push for the playoffs fans will deal with it.

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