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09-25-2003, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Vince
eye: "This organization sux! It sucked in the 70s! It sucked in the 80s! It sucked in the 90s! and it still sux now!. It sux! It sux! It sux! It sux! It sux! It sux!"

eye: "The Phoenix fans suck too! The Red and White Scrimmage was plyed in front of zero fans! They suck! They suck! They suck! They suck!"

You sound like a very bitter Winnipeg fan who is just trying to get real fans of this team to feel the same as you.

Just my opinion.
Look Vince, Coyote Tony or whatever your alias is this week, I have gone on record many times talking about the positives of this team and your attacking sarcastic response doesn't suprise me. I just consider the source. Most of us realize that unless it's you that goes on record to express an opinion, every other poster is stupid and our comments or opinions mean little and are likely wrong, at least that's the way you always come across and I go back years in forming that opinion of you including your posts on various message boards on just about every hockey related topic.

If you were the true fan and the so called expert you claim to be then you would have attended many of the past 2 weeks scrimmages and given us your 2 cents. If you look at just about any teams message boards the local fans provide a pretty good accounting of what's going on in their camps unlike this board. Go to the Leafs board and they go overboard.

I admit to being hard to please and that I raise the bar for performance and I would hope that every Yotes fan would expect a Gretzky led team to do everything possible to become a Cup contender as quickly and as intelligently as possible. I happen to question many of the moves made by this team and that always seems to get a negative or attacking comment from you and a couple of others. I happen to believe there are other teams that have a better feel for how to develop a winning organization and the type of players that are required to get there. The rest of the posters on this board actually do a great job of providing a good balance and realism in their posts.

Regarding this thread the Yotes probably had their best draft in years and none of them are on this list yet. Perhaps, that's because many of us don't know enough about them yet but I find it strange that a few of this years picks are not rated on this list. I also happen to think that based on the stats provided that we may be over-rating some or many of our prospects thinking they are the future of this club.

Yesterday I read that BF wants a physically intimidating strong defensive club and only a few weeks ago I read that BF wanted a high temp strong forchecking team. I could be wrong but I think it has to be one or the other and that this is a contradiction in terms. Which one is it going to be? Now, I have given you some facts to consider so please put some thought into your future responses and don't resort to the easiest way out which is to demean or attack fellow Yotes fans on this or any other board.

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