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02-10-2010, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by FabricDetails View Post
Yeah really what happened over at RWC? GW, Evul and Resmo aren't that annoying... Right?
Resmo is fine by me. Go Wings and Evul just have a bad combination of low intellect and vociferous opinions. Euroman too, but he posts so little, and is so extreme, that he's just funny. Lately, it seems those three have spawned minions too.

In addition, several of the best posters have disappeared this past year.

Originally Posted by heyfolks View Post
I still enjoy the board. A few people, and I include Jaster and myself, ran some of the focus astray. I stopped entertaining the many trollish creations of Newsie, but others felt putting them on ignore was some how wrong. IMO, this started the downfall of engaged discussion. When a group started turning every thread into some satire on drinking, or some other repeated theme, it was was the catalyst behind me posting less on the Wing threads.

I am now finding other boards to discuss politics(though I still do post mostlyin the Real World thread), but I still enjoy the members and do post HOT WOMEN on most days (general principle matter ).

RWC does have the best links to articles and Matt does a great job with the prospects.
Yeah, RWC is still easily the best Red Wings prospect site on the web. It blows HF away. It's just the message board that has gone downhill.

(sorry for the Go Wings comparison btw, you didn't deserve that )

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