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02-10-2010, 09:12 PM
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The defense is awful, but not because it is a bunch of rookies making mistakes. That's the part that makes it so bad.

And for those who keep pointing out how Rozsival plays well. Well, whevever it is pointed out, I have to agree yes, he made a good play.

But the guy is famous for that gaffe that comes when it matters and leads to a goal. That is how I will always remember Rozsival. And before you flame this, think about how many crap plays Malik made. There were a whole bunch of hardcore apologists about how good he really is.

Then he left, and where oh where do you read about how good Malik is, or was? You don't read them because he is soft and slow.
So is Rozsival. He takes up space that someone with the whole package RIGHT NOW, or upside down the line, would have.

Wouldn't you rather have a defenseman who doesn't do that flop under pressure the way Rozsival always does?
Come on, I know you would.

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