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01-20-2005, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
Agreed. You can't just look at the deal and say, well Hlavac and Brendl have sucked since the deal, so they were no big loss. You have to look at the value they had at the time of the deal.

Brendl was still a very highly regarded prospect and Hlavac was coming off a 28 goal season.

As a Rangers fan you can look at it like we "only" gave up Kim Johnsson.

As a Flyers fan I'll look at it and say that by moving Lindros the Flyers aquired 5 pieces:

Kim Johnsson - our best defenseman over the last 3 years, and he'd instantly be a #1 on the Rangers.

Donald Brashear - A big time heavyweight, skilled enough to play 10-12 minutes a night.

Sami Kapanen - Jack of all trades. Excellent 3rd line defensive winger and penalty killer.

Stefan Ruzicka - One of the top snipers in the OHL, selected with the 3rd round pick.

Jeremey Roenick - The Flyers took the money that had been paid to Lindros and signed a top centerman.


On a side note I can remember listening to the FAn the day of the trade and getting two very differing reports on Kim Johnsson:

First JD, trying to justify the deal for the Rangers saying that Johnsson wouldn't even be among the Rangers top 6 defenseman in 2001-02, that he wouldn't be missed in the least as the Rangers top 6 would be: Leetch, Malakhov, Berard, Lefebvre, Karpa and Kloucek (not positive if they were the 6 names he mentioned, but his thoughts were that Johnsson would struggle to earn playing time)

Next they interviewed Brian Leetch and they asked him about the deal, and were trying to insinuate that the Rangers got Lindros without giving up off the current roster: Leetch immediately said that Kim Johnsson would be a big loss and Leetch was very sad to see him go.

I had seen Johnsson play some as a Ranger, but when I heard Leetch speak about him, it boosted my thoughts on him immediately.

I like JD alot when he's doing national games on ABC or doing work for CBC, he can give excellent incite and can be very impartial. Listening to him tak about the Rangers I take his opinions with a grain of salt.
I said all along that it was very hard for the Flyers to "lose" any trade involving Lindros. They were giving up a guy who's health was a huge question mark and who said he would never play for the Flyers again. They in essence got something for nothing.

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