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Originally Posted by GoBucky View Post
I try to avoid buying stuff that was made in China whenever possible. For me, its for political as well as an economic reasons.
Ive noticed that quite a lot of the more well known name brands make their stuff in Canada, which is nice to see.
The chaper stuff is typically made in places like China simply because the low manufacturing costs allow them to sell the product at a lower pricepoint, but as long as you at least buy midrange hockey stuff you should be able to find stuff thats made in North America or at least Europe.
Eagle is shifting more of their production overseas and Bauer is no longer going to make retail skates in Canada, all in China. Whether it's China or Mexico, everyone here is missing the point. The guys in charge are Americans or Canadians who are very well versed on hockey and hockey products, and constantly fly between China and the US/Canada. Basically, they're North Americans overseeing 99% of what happens in China, Mexico or wherever. I'm not going to say I favor outsourcing or like all things made in China, I disfavor both of those things, but it's done for a reason. There are far fewer factories and much less manufacturing capacity in US and Canada. If every stick maker was in N.A., every top end stick would be another $100 more expensive.

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