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01-20-2005, 12:34 PM
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You forgot the X-factor on the tight ends... IKE REESE! When they first played Dallas they got burned by Witten because of Simeneau. Ike has elevated that position on the tight end. We need to be concerned mainly against the run, pack 5 or 6 on the line and drop Kearse to spy on Vick. The 'Axe Man' helped us so much since being put in the middle. Beware of overplaying the blitz b/c if Dunn or Vick get by it, they can run a long way.
As Schlereth said on NFL Live, our key is going to be the screen pass against Atlanta's aggressive front 4. If they overpursue, Westbrook is going to find a ton of open space, and even the TE screen to LJ. This is the game to put the ball in Westbrook's hands 25 times. Put him on punt returns even and he's at least as dangerous as Rossum is for them.

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