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09-25-2003, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by BigDaddyMeatWhistle
As soon as the players move, everything else that revolves around the NHL will eventually also move.
It's not that sudden. It would take several years at best, and even then, it's still unlikely it would ever reach the NHL's current levels of revenue.

If the whole industry goes through that kind of turmoil, many players would retire rather than go through all of those headaches of trying to make sense of the whole thing. Many European players would go back there to play, since in the initial years, the WHA would not be offering significantly more competitive wages, thus diluting the talent pool.

Fans would lose interest. The first couple of years would be ugly. The NHL has all the infrastructure in place right now. Fans know where to find their hockey. The die hards will always go flock to the best hockey available, but the casual fan will lose interest very quickly. If the new league can produce a much more exciting product, then yes, they will draw those fans again, but it would take a long time before that ever happens.

In short, there's too much to lose in the short term for the players for this to be a realistic option. It only remains a bargaining chip to keep the owners honest. If they started demanding a cap of $20-25 million dollars, then players may consider this an option.

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