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01-20-2005, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by tippycanoe2
Now, I am an AVID leaf fan, and I have listened, watched on TV, or seen in person every game this year. I've paid more attention to these boys this year than Brian Rogers! Looking at this report card, I would have done a few things differently. A lot of them I agree with actually, but there are a few that I was sadly disappointed.
I agree with Welly, Leeber, Newberry, Rock, Wilmer, Harry, Linger, palahnuk, Wozzy, Moro, beller, Coco, Whitey, D'amour, Telly, and Aubin.
I don't agree with the rest...either strongly or a little. Here's why...
Regan Kelly: Received C-...
I realize that Kelly is in his third year, and I have more tips for him than I could possibly remember, but I think he's better than a C-! When Carlo went down with his injury, Kelly stepped in there, and he has been pretty solid. He is known for taking stupid penalties, and getting lazy occasionally, but I think he's done okay. The main things I think Regan should work on are shooting more, taking the body (responsibly!), and covering his man. Sometimes he tries to bee too offensive, and is caught off guard. He also needs to Show Shedden that he's pissed off when he gets benched or scratched! WORK FOR YOUR ICE TIME REGAN! Maybe a B- or so
Matt Stajan: Received C-...
I know that Matty didn't have a good start, and he was a disappointment, since everyone thought he would be so great. You have to keep in mind that the AHL is a lot different than the NHL. Under Pat Quinn, he was used to be defensive, and versitile in different situations. He wasn't used to playing on the PP, and he's used to playing with people like Owen Nolan, and Darcy Tucker. It's a bit of an adjustment. Now that he's with Welly and Linger, he's producing which is what I was waiting for, because he needs NHL type players to play with to show off his NHL type skills. No disrespect to any of the guys he was playing with before, because they are all great, but Linger and Welly are a much better fit for him! Not to mention, I'm sure 20% of the PPs that St.John's get are because Matt Stajan has drawn the penalty. The kid just gets ripped left and right! That's also a big factor! At least a B
Nathan Barrett: received C+...
Sammy was injured at the beginning of the year, so his point production isn't what a lot of people would expect. However, when he first came back from a serious groin injury, he was the most dominant player on the ice. He had something like 7 goals in his first 10 games back. I went to the weekend series against the bulldogs which the leafs dominated, and both games, Sammy scored the first goal to get the ball rolling...which allowed St.John's to steam roll the dogs. He does a lot of things on the ice that don't show up on the score sheet, like making smart plays and being responsible. For sure a B
Jeremy Williams: Received B...
I think that Jeremy should have gotten a B+, simply because he has been a smart kid on the ice, quarterbacking the PP, sticking to smart hockey, winning face offs, being responsible far beyond his years, and not taking stupid penalties. He's a disciplined player who will do whatever is asked of him. Considering what a low draft pick this kid was, with his bullet shot, and good skating, I think he's got a good shot at making it. He's been shifted around so much though, that hopefully Douggy can set him on a line with 2 solid wingers. maybe Drukes, and Sammy or something.
Harold Druken: Received C+...
THis guy is a great hockey player. For those Toronto fans who saw his short stint last year, he did really well. He has the skill to play with Owen Nolan and Matt Stajan, so we all know he's good. He's been working hard as far as I've seen, but it's hard to produce from the press box. No disprespect to Doug Shedden, because I know that they have 6 veterans, so one has to be a scratch every night, and it's hard to put someone like Linger or Moro in the press box, but I hate to see Druken sit so often. The guy is 4th on the team in points, and he hasn't played many games. The last few games he has been back, he's been great, so that's good to see. He was also injured twice I believe...I remember seeing him in Hamilton, and his face was all swollen, and he had a huge scab on his nose. The poor guy...I think he deserves a better chance to play each night. I believe Doug Shedden's complaint was that he wasn't working hard enough to earn his ice time, so I'm glad to see him working now. He deserves a B- at least

I know that I didn't include some guys, but the rest I either don't have an opinion on at this point, or I don't feel they have played enough to be Engelhardt and Marsh!
Now, my "report" is just my opinion, and I don't mean to offend anyone or anything (although, I don't think I said anything harsh or disrespectful!) People should leave feedback telling me what they think. I want to hear what others have to say.
sounds like you knows all these guys personally. who's sammy?

i wouldn't insult brian rogers by saying you follow the team closer then he does. he spends every day of the season with them. nobody knows them as well as he does.

regan kelly? i think he should have had a failing grade. what's he done? nothing. he can't do anything. as carl o'steen puts it, regan kelly sucks.

matt stajan? coulda had a failing grade too. he doesn't give a ****. blame him for dragging down his linemates, not the other way around. hopefully last night was a new start for him.

nathan barrett? see regan kelly. what has he done? nothing.

jeremy williams? i hope he finishes with 19 goals! but seriously, quarterbacking the pp? he played a few games on the point. that's all. he hasn't spent much time back there.

druken? same old story with druken. everyone knows what he's all about. talented but lazy. that's why he sits out sometimes.

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