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Originally Posted by <Mr Jiggyfly> View Post
Improve anticipation

Anticipation is what separates good players from avg. ones. When you are on the bench, imagine you are on the ice and place yourself in a teammate's skates - what would you do if you were him on each particular play?

- If he makes a mistake, learn from it and figure out what you would have done differently.

- If he makes a good play, keep it in your memory banks for when you are in a similar situation.

Improve your on ice vision

Most avg. players can see one teammate and one defender at any one time. To improve your on ice vision, get in the habit of scanning the entire ice every shift. You should be able to quickly glance around the ice and anticipate where everyone is going, without having to take your eyes off the puck.

It sounds simple, but very few people can see the ice very well. This skill alone will make you a much better player.

Train with your opposite hand

Almost every player, including pros have a weaker skating side.

If you are lefty, skate around with a right handed stick or vice versa. Practice your stops and crossovers on your weaker side this way. It will dramatically improve your weaker skating side when you do it consistently.

You are essentially training your brain to make your weak side a strength.
I am like the original poster. I have been playing Ice now for only a couple years and came over from roller. The change was tough for me and I am still getting better. I think my mistake was playing in a level thats too high for me. I play Gold when I should be playing upper silver. The only reason I play Gold is a buddy of mine brought me over when they changed rinks.

These are great tips and things I have been taught little by little but I never seem to grasp them. Putting them all in one post makes it helpful for me. Well I have a game tonight well see if any of these stick.

Hope the OP finds this helpful. It sure has helped me.

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