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02-11-2010, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Kovalchkin71 View Post

Listen, I hate Brashear... as a hockey player. I was unhappy when we signed him in the off-season and furious when I saw his cap number. I've never liked him, at any point during his career. I have called him useless and begged for him to be benched/waived/traded/etc.

That said, the outpouring of hate towards this guy, just because Sather gave him an inflated contract and his stay in NY hasn't worked out and the guy has asked to be moved, presumably so that he can finish out his career on a team that's willing to dress him rather than watching from the press box... it's unreal.

He's a professional hockey player. He has been for a pretty long time and at one point he was considered one of, if not THE best heavies in the league. And the guy could play the game - not with the best of them, obviously - but until recent years he was an effective role player. He's had 31, 28 and 25 points in a season - not bad for a "goon". Now he's 38 years old, he's had some injuries and a steady decline in skill, along with some reluctance to drop the mitts and "do his job" has made him virtually useless as an NHLer but you can't blame him for taking the contract Sather offered him or for wanting to go some place where he hopes he'll be utilized more.

Rangers fans are acting like he just dissed their momma when they've been praying for him to be traded all season. Now because he asked to be, its some great insult to the franchise?

So Donald's career is virtually over and he just hasn't realized it yet. You're going to say the guy should be picking up cans for a living because of that? Because he still thinks he's got something to offer and wants to go someplace where he can offer it? He's just an average guy, like every one of the people crapping all over him in this thread. You wanna say he has a bad attitude or poor work ethic fine, but to suggest he deserves less than anybody else, just because he was offered a ridiculous contract and isn't happy watching the end of his career from the stands is just stupid.

HFboards needs a serious helping of perspective. A lot of the posts in every sort of thread imaginable just amaze me.

Mrs. Brashear, please. Your son is not liked and not wanted on our kickball team. He smells and is uncool. We dont want him. Now, stop explaining how good he can be if we picked him

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