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09-25-2003, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Tom_Benjamin
I can't see the NHL corporation flying.

1) I do think there would be anti-trust issues. It is one thing to set up a league - a new business - under that structure. It will probably be another to get a merger of 30 businesses approved when the purpose is anti-competitive. Maybe not - I'm not well enough versed in the law - but would governments allow all the TV stations in the country to merge into one entity?

2) Even if it was permitted, I think the league has credibility problems right from the start. The best thing for the Edmonton Oilers Division could do is to lose. They will make the most money with New York and Chicago in the Stanley Cup Finals every year.

3) The biggest attraction for investors in the WHA is the expansion fees they will be able to collect. I think Bob Goodenow will be delighted to help set the prices. They can set up an auction for the Toronto franchise. What will they charge the Rangers to get in?

1) I don't think that there would be anti-trust issues, especially if there is a competitive league forming. Also, given the non-essential nature of pro-sports, I think this would reduce the likelihood of anti-trust laws getting in the way.

2) If the same salary budget is set-up for all teams, then it takes away this issue

3) Possibly, but all teams would not be receiving equal share in the new combined entity. Toronto and New York would be receiving a bigger piece of the pie than Calgary and Carolina. If a fair offer is made, it should be more attractive for those teams to stay within the NHL.

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