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02-12-2010, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by pfloyd75 View Post
Going on my somewhat limited experience, high end composite sticks weigh significantly less than low end composites. There is enough of a difference in weight to make an easy judgement between "expensive" and "cheap".

That said- I have never once thought of any stick as being "too heavy" while playing.
I'm not talking about the difference between a $40 composite and a $300 one...

When I say cheap I mean $100-150.

Can someone tell the difference between a $300 stick and a $50 one... obviously, yes.

I'm saying very few people can tell the difference between a $100+ stick and a $300 one.

Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
They make blades now that are more shock absorbing and this isn't needed. They are the foam injected blades and are pretty much common place now.

My Harrows are like that, my prostock RBK blade and my One90 Bauer blade.... they don't ping. Don't try to explain it to someone though who insists composites are not made differently than just 5 years ago as Mr.Jiggyfly did earlier in this thread.
They were using foam in composite blades way longer than 5 years ago. Easton had applied for a patent for this as far back as 1993.

How you think it is something new and cutting edge is beyond me.

This is completely inaccurate, don't bet on it as you will lose your money. You could at least pick up a few in the store that are high end and then pick up a few that are low end. The difference is huge and not very subtle in weight. This is also why the high end sticks are more fragile by the way.
I don't have to worry about losing my money, because I have see it happen dozens of times.

Like I said already, I've seen elite players not be able to tell the difference on many occasions.

Is there a difference between a high end and a low end composite? Sure.

Is there a $200 difference? No.

The cheap composites by the way lack feel I might add. I mention that because of your statement about taking passes is more difficult with a composite. It really isn't with a good stick these days.
You are the only one in this thread who thinks that. And as I said, everyone I know has mentioned composites are harder to takes passes with (until you get used to them). Even Crosby mentioned it as a reason he didn't want to use a one piece, but finally relented to help with his snap shot.

Perhaps in your garage league people flutter passes to you?

That would explain a lot...

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