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02-12-2010, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I find it hilarious that people posting on HF boards know NHL player value...

Tell me something, what is Domenic Moore's value??? We seem to have alot of aspiring NHL GM's on this board, lets hear what his actual value is??? a 7th round pick in 2028 maybe???
I'd analyze his value through the history of what the team that traded for him send back.

Rangers get Hall for Moore. Then, Moore with Pivko is traded the Pens for a 3rd round pick.
Pens got a 3rd round from the Wild in 07.
Leafs picked Moore from the waivers in 08.
Leafs got a 2nd rounder from the Sabres. (Please remember that he was having the season of his life at that time).
Moore signed with the Panthers as a UFA.

So at best, a 2nd rounder when Moore was playing incredibly great. Not sure that's the case right now.

Then you can start to play the "comparable". Which other player like him was traded and for what. Would you take Paille or Moore? Paille was traded for a 4th round. Yes in 2010. Though deep, can we clearly say that a 4th round pick is better than a 2nd rounder in 2011?

Brodziak or Moore? 4th and 5th rounder in 2009. 2 picks, but still middle of the pack where even in a strong year, chances are those guys won't be NHL'ers.

Reinprecht or Moore? Reinprecht was acquired in return of the great Stefan Meyer. Career AHL'er at best. I guess a 2nd rounder in 2011 could be equivalent of a career AHL'er.....but I'd take Reinprecht over Moore any day of the week.

That's probably the best way you could analyse a player's value. Though, if drafting isn't an exact science, pretty sure analyzing a player's value isn't either.

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