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02-12-2010, 09:34 AM
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Jack does call a good game play-by-play wise and does have enough passion that I'm pretty sure Habs fans think he speaks French (if he did speak French then I know they'd want him up there). For the most part I find him funny though he lacks hockey knowledge. Last night when the phantom calls came up he started saying how the Downie "fight" gave Tampa momentum and that's why they had started to get it going....right after Brick said it was phantom calls and some luck that got Tampa going, leading to Brick sounding like he was about to tell off Edwards and me actually telling him to stop. It's times like those that I can't stand him, otherwise though I find it funny.

Oh and I always find it funny that he's considered the biggest 'homer' out there. I listen to alot of other games around the league and their announcers at times will really go off bashing other teams or being unenthusiastic about solid play coming from the other team. While Jack loves the Bruins and gets excited when Looch throws a big hit or a pretty goal is scored, he always seems to have excitement about the other team making great plays and always highlights guys out there that play the game well and that he'd love to have in a B's jersey.

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