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09-25-2003, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Yammer
Thanks for the interesting replies.

Regarding NHL interference, I don't see how this would bring the image of the NHL into disrepute. It's not about hoarding the best players, nor is it about deliberately tanking to get the highest picks.
Well, my point is that while there is speculation that he would have this super-Russian is far more likely and logical that he WILL simply try to horde the best talents out there regardless of price or nationality, becasue that is exactly what he has done with his soccer club.

It might be a "Russian Revolution" of sorts and he might go after one or two marquee Russian stars (annd hire veteran Russians in coaching and managing positions) but the notion of an all-Russian team in Vancouver or anywhere in the current NHL in the near future is about as likely as one of the top Russian teams simply 'joining' the league.

My opinion, at least...he's eccentric but he seems the type who would rather have a sure-fire winner loaded with all kinds of stars than an odditity.

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