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02-12-2010, 08:27 PM
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I dont even want to type this person's name since they will just get more recognition on the internet in google searches and whatnot.

Why do you guys,

1)- Visit that site?

2- Post up rumors that they obviously just make up

3)- Make yourself look stupid by associating yourself with their website?

We ALL hate that website and their REDICULOUS Rumors. Never once do they happen. Never once. So why visit it?

If this keeps up, I am making a website that is PAID and make stuff up myself. I will once in awhile cruise twitter accounts to see if I can Post up the trade before someone on here does so it LOOKS LIKE I broke a story. You guys that visit the "other" site (remember, I wont say their name) will visit mine all day long and I will get paid out the rear end.

Thanks for the money, suckers.

Now seriously, PLEASE stop with the links and MIS-information from them

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