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02-12-2010, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
Yea .... I understand the perspective. I had to watch a bunch of dead people in bad car crashes in drivers training. It visually puts the possibility of what might happen if you don't respect your ride. Same with Vietnam .. once America saw the bodies, we couldn't get out fast enough.

Personally, I don't get the need for people to see a train wreck; rubberneckers in life addicted to the unfortunate and bombastic like Jerry Springer, paparazzi bringing the failures of stars to the front page, and people like that guy that said his kid went up in a home made balloon. I personally think the adage "if it bleeds it leads" is a little unfortunate. I am a big fan of Disneyland. Its the happiest place on earth and there is no bad news except the 5 year old that is pissed he has to leave the park.

Don't get me wrong. I think we need to talk about Haiti, wars, politics, and as it relates to the luge crash, its part of the game and is important to see this poor kid crash. Its now part of this Olympics record. But in America, its now unusual when we get any good news on the news. Its turned into a special report with some happy person at the end of the news after we have gotten a full dose of whats wrong. We don't seem to be able to embrace what is right with people, and would rather gossip about everything salacious and wrong with each of us. Maybe thats part of the reason I like the Olympics so much. Its an opportunity to see the best in people; the best in preparation, the response to failure, sacrifice, overcoming odds to be an Olympian. I'd just as soon watch a week of this than a week of train wrecks.
I don't want to get to OT, but I just want to see life as it is. No need to run it 24/7. Blocking the hanging of Saddam was wrong IMO. I had to search the net for it. I saw it and that was that. I wanted to see him get what he deserved, not for the sport of it, but because it was important. In Europe, breasts are just shown. They are not some "big news", they just are.

Show it. Don't make it a big deal. It's life. Just tell the story as it is.

I agree whole heartedly about the "If it bleeds it leads" B.S. I don't even watch local news anymore because of it.


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