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02-13-2010, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by vh2k7 View Post
teddy purcell has season tickets to the pressbox, i'm not really sure what your complaint is. if anything, parse is being shown favoritism by going down instead of being benched outright. the reason you don't see complaints about purcell from TM on a regular basis is the same reason you don't see complaints about ivanans: there isn't any point any more. there is use in criticizing parse's game because the potential is obviously there and he's even produced a bit at the nhl level. the criticism for purcell's game came last season and even early in this one.

regardless, parse's play had dipped noticeably in the past few weeks. he won't really be missed for the time being and if he plays well he'll be called back up accordingly.
Before Teddy had his press box tickets, he was kept in the lineup and given top-line opportunities non-stop. Parse has a bad shift and Murray plays him for 7-8 minutes overall if he is lucky.

In 43 less games than Teddy, Parse only has 4 points less. I understand that this team is better than last year's so maybe Parse gets a "break" last season but honestly, tell me that they haven't jerked this guy around. How can you not even put him into a pre-season game? How about the game a few weeks back (maybe the Detroit loss at home?) when he had what I would call a good scoring chance but didn't finish: Murray goes out in the media and says that it should have been a goal so they need to put some more skill on that line. What are you talking about Murray?!?! It wasn't an open net tap-in that Brown always was a one-timer from 20 feet out. Also, he has more offensive skill than a lot of guys on the team so the only way to put more offense on that line is to steal talent from one of the lines ahead of his. This looks like the patented "disparage the player in the press" move that the DL regime loves to do before someone is moved out. You have to look hard for a compliment of his game that isn't a backhanded one in some way by Murray.

Oh, and for all of his "weak board play" and "lack of concentration", homeboy is almost at a 0.5 ppg pace as a rookie in limited minutes and his +12 isn't too shabby either. Unless there is a trade coming before the deadline, they are idiots if they don't call him back-up. He's been pretty clutch a few times and LA wouldn't have either of its wins over Detroit this year without him.

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