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Originally Posted by SabreTooth3539 View Post
We sound a lot alike! Female college students with a love of math and the same feeling about hockey. It is the only sport that I am into. I tried to get into soccer when I was in Europe and I do like it, but I don't follow any teams.

As for people's reaction when they find out you like hockey, I had the same reaction. I am really into rock music and I look like it, so people were surprised to hear that I was into any sport period. Now that people around school know that though, they are so excited to tell me they went to a game or that the Preds won. It's pretty cute how they all know that I am the hockey guru. I'll cheer whenever I see someone wearing Preds gear and when they give me a funny look, I point to their shirt. At least I'm in Nashville though so there are probably more hockey fans around!
That's awesome!

I saw a guy with a Preds sweatshirt on the other day and I went up to him and introduced myself. He looked so frightened. Poor kid. I swear I'm not that intimidating. He told me he was VERY new to the game and didn't know much about it--all while walking away from me. This is why I hate living here. You can't even connect with a fellow fan. I was very nice and I even told him that it was great to see more people start following the game. People are always scared that a stranger is going to bust a cap or something. My goodness.

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