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09-25-2003, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by slats432
Not that I want to give credence to the rumour but Spector's source for the information was Jim from Denver who emailed Leonsis.(I don't know how likely this is.)

As far as giving credit to the source of a rumour, you have to look at what the source is of the discrediting of a rumour.

(Note to self....register user name JimfromDenver to play with minds of Avs, Wings, and Caps.)
Ted Leonsis is part of the founding crew at AOL and bought the Caps with his AOL riches. For obvious reasons the Capitals are very computer friendly. They are widely celebrated as the team with the best website and features. Leonsis himself responds to every email from fans that he gets. I've heard him say a 100 or more a day. He has answered each email that I have sent him, myself. Some are suspicious and say its not him, but its hard to prove that either way unless you are standing over his shoulder as he does it. I believe him. If Leonsis said there has been no conversation with Colorado, then I would believe that. As this website points out further down on the mailbag, the trade makes no sense for the Capitals. Why would the Capitals trade Kolzig for Cujo?
Kolzig is better, younger and cheaper than Cujo. Why would the Capitals do that? In addition to the fact that the Caps don't need a forward. They are full. IF the Caps traded Jagr or Lang to Detroit and then facilitated Cujo going from Detroit to Colorado, I could see that happening. That makes a little sense. But Kolzig ending up in Colorado makes no sense for the Caps and makes a lot less sense for Detroit than letting Colorado get Cujo.

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