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01-21-2005, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Carl O'Steen
Nobody said they were watching the game, they said they were listening to it.

Be glad you have a team to watch, because you won't next year... and we will. I'd be shocked if you showed up around the Leafs forum once the Baby Leafs are gone, but... hopefully you do come around.

You make me look good.
in the post i was refering to, nobody said they were watching on tv or listening on the radio. the way the play was described, i assumed it was on tv. could have been on leafstv or something for all i knew.

i'll have a team next year, and i can't wait for it. we will have a team next year? you say that as if all the other posters here are from toronto.

is that all you got? whenever you want to take a shot at me, you play that card. it doesn't work. i can't wait for the ahl to leave and the qmjhl to move in.

you need some new material. keep working on the radio/tv bit.

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