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01-21-2005, 11:11 PM
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It may be dumb, but they're serious...

The size of the gap between the two sides is illustrated by Linden's passionate opposition to a salary cap.

He believes a cap is not just bad for the players, it is bad for both the fans and the game. For Linden, that makes the league's relentless drive for "cost certainty" even more distressing.

"We came to them not insisting on anything but trying to find middle ground," Linden said. "The fact that they're willing to do what they're going to do to get something that I don't even feel is good for the game really disturbs me."

The league's Dec. 14 offer calls for a payroll range of $34.6 million to $38.6 million US. Linden argues having all 30 teams with nearly the same payroll would damage the product.

He believes different teams have different payroll needs depending on where they are in their stage of development. Young, developing teams, for example, have smaller payrolls that increase as clubs mature and carry more veteran players.

Linden also says the cap will shred teams like the Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers or Colorado Avalanche with star players stripped away.

"Those teams can't look the same under this system," Linden said.

Daly sees a different outcome, saying under the old collective bargaining agreement even rebuilding teams lost players before they were ready to compete because they could no longer afford them.

"You've got teams now that have to be broken up because of the financial reality of the situation," Daly said
I have to say, I was personally ok with a salary cap in principle, but this is just really stupid.

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