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02-13-2010, 08:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Fill your boots man. Search my username and the words Halak and Price ever since they both joined the Habs and put together your case for what you think my opinion is. I encourage you. Your "e-cred" would be best served by giving up now though, seriously.

And it wasn't to "absolve Halak" (of course you'd put it that way), but more to point the finger to the obvious culprit in tonight's fiasco. Briere all alone in front twice, a lucky rebound to an open Richards at the side of the net, and a break-away cannot be pinned on a goaltender.

But the Price superfans have had to eat a lot of crow lately about Halak, so I guess it's just natural that there'd be such a rabid push-back after tonight.
you say people who think Price doesn't suck (i.e. Price lovers) have had to eat crow lately...uh no...we've only had to defend that Price does NOT suck and have supported Halak. The anti-Price (who create the Price lovers automatically) people have bee having a field month with Halak's much appreciated performances. It just sounds like now that Halak has come down to seems his super-supporters have done exactly that -- tried to absolve him tonight.

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