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09-25-2003, 02:01 PM
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When Mikko Koivu signed a three-year contract with the Minnesota Wild in July, the rumours of his premature leave to the NHL started going on like crazy in Turku as well as in the rest of Finland.
Those rumours are now forgotten and the Koivu family's youngest brother is inspired going into a new season in the lineup of TPS since his NHL contract allows Mikko to play this season in TPS.

The fall is the time when "Miki" can put his full emphasis on playing icehockey, since he did his university tests early in the spring and his army service doesn't begin before January.
Four TPS player begun their service already in July but Mikko's postponal of the service is a smart solution, as his knee which was newly injured in the spring could have been too weak for him to stress it. Now Mikko is back and training with the team and conditioning himself from the several small bumps of injury that hit him during the last season.

Last season was by the way positive in Mikko's career, because in the end of the season the young center played some of the best hockey in his career.
On the other hand the season was shadowed by a big disappointment,
as Mikko could not participate in the World Junior Championships in Canada because of a very serious inflammation.

- The league games had gone really good and the camp for the junior national team in november really were a success. We had a fine team going on. A day before it was time to meet up for the final time, I informed that I was not to be going. The foot was simply hurting too much. It was a hard situation says, Mikko in a serious manner

The good games in the season gave hope and positive impressions for this season though.
"Miki" is going to continue where it ended in the spring, but keeps his personal goals clearer to himself. The hunger for success is huge though.

The talented young center's weakness is sometimes said to be the lack of concentration. "Miki" however is not going to change his playing style.

- I will always be a player who relies on his instincts (not a good translation) and it is one of my strengths. Sure it sometimes hurts when on puts it over the net, but if one not has feelings and instincts, one hasn't got game either. Without instincts one cannot win anything, Mikko charges

In the summer Mikko also had time to relax by travelling. The Koivus including Saku and Hanna spent their parents birthday on vacation in italy.

Student Koivu hasn't yet thought too much about his future studying but thinks that managing one's own bussiness sounds interesting. As a single who enjoys the single life, Mikko's home is close to the city's centre. The man also listens to the nickname "Fifa", as for who invented it Mikko discretily smiles a thank you to goalie Teemu Lassila...

This is not a word for word translation but I covered about all of the text in it. I did it in one piece so there might be some grammatical errors and such there but it should be readable.

EDIT: Fixed typo