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02-13-2010, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Any team can upset another. The Coyotes beat Pittsburgh last week, so what?
Just wanted to say..Phoenix is playing quite well this year. They have more points than Pittsburgh playing in a much stronger conference.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I don't even expect us to win fights but when you just watch as your teammate gets stomped an you do nothing? That's a lack of heart and it happens every night with this team. If you don't stand up for yourselves, you're going to get killed. There's not nearly enough guys on this team who understand this.

I know I sound negative but I'm a fan. I WANT this team to win. And in my opinion the only way this team can win is with radical changes and those changes won't happen until people come to the realization that we're not good enough to win. Until that happens nothing will change and we'll never go anywhere. When I argue for rebuilding it's because I want us to WIN, not because I want us to lose.
What would you call the events at the end of yesterday's game then??..Frustration??..If they don't care, then why are they frustrated?...

O'Byrne wanted to send a message early. Laperriere said O'Byrne is the one that challenged him right off the draw. So, he tried, unfortunately it didn't quite work out as he had hoped. Gomez already dropped them, Pouliot did too, Gorges, Gill, Moen, Lapierre. They're not fighters, we don't have some, but they have heart.
It's not after every hit, dirty or clean, that you'll see players fight.

Sure, our team won't win the cup. But it's tough to assess just how far we are from being contenders when we haven't seen them play with a healthy roster yet.
And I think we should address the bottom six before anything.
Adding aggressive energy players on 4th would already help a lot imo.

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