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02-13-2010, 10:00 PM
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What a terrible management this team has.

Honestly, how this team is run is so ****in' pathetic it's not even funny. To the point where I am confident I could do a better job and get fans excited in a week.

Cammalleri - small, but a lot of heart
Gionta - small, but a lot of heart
Gomez - Small, but a lot of heart
Plekanec -Small, but a lot of heart
Moore - Small, but a lot of heart ( or at least it seems)
Bergeron - Small, but a lot of heart
Desharnais - Small, but a lot of heart.
Metropolit - Small, but heart.

Do you guys see a pattern here, cause I sure as hell do. This may be the new NHL, but small player still don't win you jack. It's also why I hate the Moore deal. It brings nothing we don't already have.

****ing wake up, you dumbasses. Make SMART trades, not just trades for the sake of making one to keep those idiotic journalists happy.

**** this team is a disgrace.

Props to O'bryne for fighting. A big **** you for keeping the same ******** small ass lineup.

Here's Montréal's top 10 for hits.
1) Travis Moen GP63 Hits: 131
2) Maxim Lapierre GP 63 Hits: 124
3) Ryan O'bryne GP: 36 Hits:75
4) Josh Gorges GP: 63 Hits 72
5) Andrei Kostitsyn GP 40 Hits 69
6) Max Pacioretty GP 52 Hits:68
7) Hal Gill GP49 Hits 59
8) Marc-Andre Bergeron GP51 Hits50
9) Paul Mara GP 42 Hits 50
10) Guilliaume Latendresse GP 23 Hits 47

And just for proof.

11) Ryan White GP 16 hits 47

****in' soft.

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