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Originally Posted by Kardi
why can't the nhl just X out all those cheap/ crappy hockey city teams and just have a HUGE draft and start all over again with the 14-16 teams that are left that want to compete.. and hell have a 50-55 million dollar cap as well for those stupid owners that go over board when it comes to signing FA's

btw i vote The Messenger for NHL commish
Well thanks for the Support . .

If I had a say I would be doing this completely differently.

I will be the first to admit that the players are vastly overpaid .. Not so much the Stars, because they are truly the ones the put fans in the seats but the middle to bottom all making millions is silly ... That part of the game needs to be fixed ..

I also think the concept of a Cap or Spending limit if you like to even the playing surface has merit for Fairness .. but I would implement a system that built up to a Cap system .. Like sign a new long-term CBA giving the current NHL time to phase into one and system .. Telling owners that 3 years down the road we will be implementing a Cap system so plan your contracts and future spending accordingly, let current contracts expire and then sign at lower rates in the future (as even the players admitted that is a problem as suggested by their rollback)..

Not this Bettman nonsence .. "This Old CBA ends last September .. now when a new agreement is signed .. Dismantle the Big Market teams immediately as this thread suggests is just plain Lunacy .. Sending players everywhere .. I like to see how he will get around NO-TRADE Contracts, to force players on to new teams, violating that clause..

But most of the problems I feel is that Bettman thinks he is Robin Hood, Robbing from the Rich and giving to the Poor.. His idol is commisioner David Stern and he wants to be just like him, and he comes from a Basketball background turned Hockey Commissioner and he just doesn't understand that Hockey will NEVER overtake popularity of the 3 big sports in America no matter what he does. I would bet in some market College Basketball and Football will also be above Hockey in fan interest and drawing power. The Biggest problem with that is that the poor small non-hockey markets can not compete equally on all levels and often do not have the Fan base, Climate or lifestyle that would keep diehard fans interested regarless of the success of the team, basing that on all the other distraction not just sports related only..

The NHL should be shrinking back down and cutting its losses not babying these teams at the expense of the other ones that are profitable or big market ... That is just plain and stupid IMO ..

Think about that, when in any other business .. Where you have profitable stores and non-profitable ones in a chain .. What idiot would tear apart, cut staff and services and alter how the profitable ones do business so that it makes your poor store location idea's and non profitable stores look better.. Someone needs to buy Bettman a book BUSINESS FOR DUMMIES .. because he does'nt have a clue ..

I heard something today that makes me even more nervous that Hockey is a long way from coming back as we know it .... Aparrently Bettman has promised all these newer expansion teams in the small markets or even the new owners in Buffalo, Ottawa, Vancouver that when the old CBA expired HE WILL HOLD OUT until he gets a Hard Cap and that was a part of League approval and expansion teams and their agreement with the league..

So that said there is no common ground .. Not sure how he can ever go back on that without facing many lawsuits from the owners that he made promises to .. Bettman does not want a fair deal he needs a HARD CAP .. and until the players give in we will have no hockey ..

So bottom line no season and Hockey for a long time .. and if the players give in ..You are starting to hear and see the things that they are in for in a NEW BETTMAN NHL .. I see it as Hockey Holocaust ahead .. and I am an Optomist by nature usually ..

The owners need the players as partners for this system to work and then you read in the papers ..

"Furthermore, Linden said he was insulted when told during the talks that players would have no more say in how the NHL is run than auto workers have say over how an auto company is run".

So you want equal partners with NO SAY eh Bettman !!!!!.. I guess you want Silent Partners then ...

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