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02-14-2010, 04:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Leopold Stotch View Post
You would think after looking back at the past few seasons that they would give him more rest during the regular season. Nope. Leads the league in GP, and now will prob get even more worn out during the Olympics. By the time playoffs come around, he will be completely out of gas. All that travel and playing takes it's toll. Maybe if he was in his mid-20's, but he's 37. Going on 38.
The way the devils have been using brodeur is absolutely ********

He has 57 starts, he finished only 52 of those games, so he's been pulled 5 times this season, all of them after December 19th.

So for the first half of the season, he finishes every game he starts, devils win most of their games. The second half, devils are losing half their games, and brodeur's getting pulled 1 out of 6 starts after letting in a load of goals. I don't understand why they don't rest him 1 out of 6 games instead of having to pull him 1 out of 6 games because he's underperforming because he's tired out.

They have a good backup.. He only really blew one of his 4 starts (and that was his only really bad game)

He's on track for a 78 start season. No team expects their goaltender to play 78 / 82 games in a season, especially one who's 37 and in an olympic year

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